2023 HLWA Spring Report

To make this as reader-friendly as possible, we have abbreviated some of the discussion points, with links to more detailed background notes for those interested in learning more.

What We Are Doing - - Current News and Projects

Avista to Bury Vulnerable South Shore Power Lines

HLWA began a dialogue with Avista in 2020 about the south shore power outages during the increasingly regular inland northwest wind storms. Avista has funded a project set to begin this year bury a half mile of overhead power lines.

Spokane River Excessive Wake Zone Designation may be Repealed

The Kootenai County Commissioners will consider repealing the Excessive Wake Zone designation on the Spokane River. Watch the BOCC meeting with the KC Parks and Waterways Advisory Board 2:00pm February 29,2023 on the Kootenai County YouTube channel. Better yet join us in the County Administration Building Room 1A/B.

Protecting Hayden Creek

The contractor completed the berm between FSR 437 and the barrow pit this month. We will post photos of the project in March.

Make Your Voice Heard - Make Your Presence Known

Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board Meeting

The Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board meeting posted in the HLWA calendar of Meetings & Events is a good example of public officials discussing matters that could significantly affect the weight of your wallet. Hayden Lake Sewer District, City of Hayden and the Coeur D’Alene (Kootenai County) Airport are the entities governing the waste water treatment plant.

The Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board (HARSB) is governed by representatives from Hayden Lake Sewer District, City of Hayden and Kootenai County Commissioners.

To learn more about HARBS follow this link http://www.harsb.org/about/about.htm.

The special meeting is a workshop to look at the current governance structure and to cast a vision of the future of the treatment plant.

Meeting Agenda.

3/17/2023 1:00pm The recorded meeting is available.

There are two sides to every story...

The NEW Kootenai County Board of Commissioners will ponder "canceling" the No Excessive Wake ordinance passed in 2020 prior to the 2023 boating season.

The Kootenai County Parks & Waterways Advisory Board met in a special meeting January 25, 2023 and passed a recommendation to the BOCC that, in part, the Excessive Wake designation be removed from the Spokane River. February 23, 2023 it was presented at a special meeting of the BOCC and P&W Board. It became apparent that the scope of the changes extend beyond the Spokane River. Following the meeting Advisory Board Chairman Doug Harris was asked if repealing the Excessive Wake ordinance for all waterways was under consideration – His reply, It would only make sense to be consistent on all Kootenai County waterways.

The BOCC has scheduled a special meeting on March 29th at 2:00 PM.

You will hear a lot about how to Wake Responsibly, a WSIA public education program. You will hear anecdotal claims that the effects of an excessive wake are minimal; that damage to docks and shorelines should be mitigated by their owners; and that the right to recreate on waterways should not be limited.

We offer another science-based perspective. In civil society there is respect for the effect we have on our neighbors and the natural environment. Be informed, take seven minutes and watch the a video. Some browsers take a few moments to load the video player.


The Hayden Lake Watershed Association Reports

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The 2022 Biannual Report

The 2022 Winter/Spring Edition of the HLWA Biannual Report is available.

The 2022 Biannual Report

The 2022 Winter/Spring Edition of the HLWA Biannual Report is available.


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