Code Enforcement

Hayden Lake Watershed Association has become increasingly concerned with building code violations around the watershed. It would appear at times that the perpetrators have found the fines for even the most egregious violations affordable and "just the cost of doing business". Some projects seem be built with a willful disregard for their effect on the neighborhood they are joining.

The Association has been addressing the issue by building relationships with the agencies that create and enforce the codes and we are developing educational tools for our community.

We will use this space to draw attention to some of the current projects of concern.

The photos in the  gallery we have for you is of a current project on Hayden Lake Road. It is between Coopers Bay and the Upper Hayden Lake Road Y.

The excavation was nearly to the property lines on either side. The County was informed of the unstable site by a Geo-Tech Engineer. On 9/7/22, they placed a Stop Work Order on the parcel. The following weekend the east wall collapsed taking a portion of the neighbors side yard and staircase to the lower road with it. The subcontractor has chosen to remove the Stop Work Order and without approved engineering plans go about the business of building a retaining wall.

The County Attorney will be filing criminal charges against the subcontractor - Ela Construction.

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Just like the world, the Hayden Lake Watershed is changing.  Our commitment to manage, protect and restore the watershed is not.  We would be honored to have your support as fellow stewards of this remarkable Idaho gem.


English Point Forest Health Project Continues

Landing piles will be burned at English Point in the coming weeks as part of the next phase of the English Point Forest Health project.

Hayden Pitches in for a Permanent Marine Patrol Home on Hayden Lake

Unused impact fee revenue finally has a purpose — building a permanent marine facility for the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office at Honeysuckle Beach.

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