Invasive Weeds

One of the issues that many of us face on Hayden Lake is the management of noxious weeds. The Association has been working with the local jurisdictions on an action plan to help combat these invasive species.

2014 Invasive Species Update

Here’s a link to the current status of the invasive species control efforts.

On January 16th, 2014 Tom Woolf, Aquatic Program Manager for the Idaho Department of Lands came to the HLWA board meeting and gave a presentation on the 2013 invasive species control efforts and an outlook on what to expect in 2014. It’s a mix of good news and bad news with high efficacy rates from the 2013 milfoil treatment, but the discovery of a treatment-resistant hybrid milfoil in certain areas of the lake. Check out the whole presentation here:

2014 Hayden Lake Invasive Species Update


Weed Mats

One of the methods of controlling noxious weeds in lakes is to use mats which suffocate out all weed growth. These mats have been used with great success on Lake Pend O’reille and have recently been approved for use on Hayden Lake. Each property owner may construct and have professionally installed up to 5 mats of approximately 8′ x 8′ dimension. Mats must be moved every 3-4 weeks and removed at the end of the season.

The 2012 application for weed mats may be found here:

Please complete as much of the application as you can and then call the Lake Manager Todd Walker at 208-771-0525 for assistance in filing and tracking the permit.

2013 Milfoil Update

June 20, 2013

Milfoil eradication treatments have just been performed by the State’s contractor on Hayden Lake and water use restrictions are now in effect. A map of the treated areas, as well as more details on the water use restrictions, can be found here:

Last year’s treatments were very effective and we hope that this year’s will produce similar results!

March, 2013

Tom Woolfe came to the February HLWA meeting with a presentation on the results of the 2012 invasive aquatics treatment as well as some details for the proposed 2013 treatments. In summary, the 2012 treatments were very successful over 72 acres and plans are being laid to treat over 100 acres in 2013. The herbicide used will be changed from Triclopyr to  2,4-D this year to increase effectiveness and reduce water restriction times. The full presentation can be found here:

2012 Milfoil Update

UPDATE 8/16/12: Tom Woolfe of the IDL gave a great presentation on the progress against milfoil and other invasive species at the HLWA annual meeting. You may view it here:

UPDATE 7/11/12: Milfoil eradication is still scheduled for July 16th, 2012. The official application notice can be found here:

Herbicide application will take place at night this year and will be performed by Clean Lakes, Inc.

The target date for application is July 16th, and notices will be sent out the week prior to application.

If individual lakefront homeowners are interested in additional weed control methods please contact Doug Freeland of Ace Diving. Doug can help homeowners obtain permits as well as perform the application and periodic relocation of the weed control mats. or 208-755-0800

A statement of qualifications for Ace Diving can be found here

To view or download the HLWA Weed Management Assistance Plan click here

Tom Woolf of The Idaho State Department of Agriculture is now managing the aquatic invasive species control work in Hayden Lake. Their website is here:

Tom gave a presentation to the Board in the spring of 2012 on their progress and future plans for aquatic invasive species in Hayden Lake.

Click Here for the Hayden Lake Update.