The Open House for the Honeysuckle Beach and Launch is scheduled for January 26th from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM at Hayden City Hall.

This will be your opportunity ask questions, express concerns and offer solutions.

HLWA Preliminary Observations and Concerns January 12, 2022

An Introduction

The current proposal is the result of the City of Hayden’s desire to improve user experience at the Honeysuckle Boat Launch and Public Beach.  Those surveyed and the sheriff’s marine patrol division reported stressful interaction between boaters and beachgoers.

The current proposal is in early planning stages.  The city representatives recognize that there are many issues that will need to be addressed.  Our concern is that those issues get sincere consideration, and that there is not a rush to accept the first proposal that appears to have some limited merit.

When the city decided to try and separate the conflicting uses, they first tried to relocate the beach area along the dike.  This idea was shot down by the ID Department of Fish and Game and IDL which prohibits the importing of sand due to interference with fish gills.

They then began looking for alternative launch sites close to the urban area and the city’s current park and found that Dalton Irrigation owns a 5-acre strip of land that runs west from the dike parallel to E. Hayden Lake Rd. This site is bordered by the Richards Conservation Trust lands, which also contain identified wetlands.  The site is the dike’s overflow channel.

Relocating the Launch
Proposed Boat Trailer Parking
Enviromental & Recreational Issues
A Few Suggestions

Three Images Summarize the City's Recomendations

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Two Seasons at the Proposed Boat Launch Site

The video above gives us birds eye view of the proposed boat launch site. We wonder how much dredging would be necessary to provide year round access.

“The waters of Hayden Lake drain into the bottom substrate in the area between the Hayden Lake Country Club and the Rim Rock formation to the south and drain down to the aquifer.” (from Hayden Lake: A Brief Primer - Geoff Harvey)

Potential damage to the lake bottom structure could reopen the whirlpool that was plugged in the early 1900s.

The photo below highlights an environmental hurdle facing the project. The green line that runs parallel to Hayden Lake Road is Feller Ditch constructed as flood water infiltration gallery. It is designated as a wetland that is the first line of defense against flooding. Click on the photo to see a larger image.

Fishermen: Open Deep Water or a Frozen Shallow Bay?

Honeysuckle Beach Boat Launch - January 24, 2022
Honeysuckle Bay proposed Boat Launch - January 24, 2022