HLWA 2015 annual meeting – July 9th

SAVE THE DATE! – July 9th, 2015 at 6pm at the HLCC!

Please join us for the Hayden Lake Watershed Association’s 2015 annual meeting. We have a great lineup of speakers and the event will be full of great content regarding the health of our beloved Hayden Lake.

There is a new hybrid milfoil species in the lake that appears to pose some problems for treatment using our regular methods. Come hear from Tom Woolf of the Idaho Department of Lands about their treatment strategy.

Learn about the fantastic new floating wetland project that is reducing phosphorous levels in Hayden Lake and preserve our water quality. See the recent press coverage of this great program here:


Come hear about several of the 10 new projects underway by the new Hayden Lake Watershed Improvement District to help monitor and preserve the water quality and recreation value of the lake.

The meeting will be held July 9th in the Bozanta Room at the Hayden Lake Country Club from 6pm to 8pm. We encourage you to take one evening out of of your hot summer to come learn more about the Hayden Lake Watershed association and our valuable stewardship efforts to preserve the health of Hayden Lake.


HLWA 2015 annual meeting – July 9th — 2 Comments

  1. the weeds in the northend of hayden lake are so bad this year. Why wasn’t it sprayed and will it at anytime this year. I think it has gotten out of hand. Also it woould be nice for you to publish what is talked about in you meetings not the adgendas. I look at your website frequently and i dont see this. maybe I am looking at wrong spot. I just hate to see the lake so bad and it is getting harder to use and maintain the shoreline with so much milfoil

    • Lynn – Thanks for your comments. We try to publish our minutes on the website but we’re a volunteer organization and don’t always get them up as quickly as we would like. You can find the most recent annual meeting minutes posted on the website under the “meetings and minutes” drop down menu at the top of the homepage. Those minutes from the annual meeting will address the 2015 invasive species strategy from the Idaho Department of Lands as well as the details of the derelict dock collection efforts that are now headed up by the Hayden Lake Watershed Improvement District. Thanks for visiting our website and we appreciate your comments!