2 thoughts on “Hayden Lake Watershed Improvement District boundaries map

  1. Dale Sebo

    I am a property owner within the boundaries of the watershed improvement district. I am investigating the process necessary for a LID within that district for the purpose of dredging the north end of the lake as a more permanent solution to the annual problem of weed control and invasive Eurasian milfoil. The present method of control is well intentioned but largely unsuccessful. It is repeated annually to diminishing success. Does the HLWID have taxing authority? If a consensus of landowners agreed to be assessed woul the Dustrict facilitate a dredging? Thank you. Dale v Sebo

  2. Steve Meyer


    Yes, the District does have taxing authority and yes, a special project within the district does fit within the authority of the District.

    This year’s apparent success with herbicides will probably have to become an annual event. The size of the north arm and the amount of material to be removed with a dredging solution might make it an expensive solution.

    If you would like to explore more, please contact Todd Walker, the District lake manager.

    Steve Meyer
    Watershed Improvement District.


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