Business Directory Application

The Hayden Lake Watershed Association (HLWA) represents several hundred lake shore and water shed homeowners. We are currently updating our website and adding a directory to assist homeowners seeking lake related services such as dock repair and construction, weed abatement and beach maintenance, etc.

If you would like to be listed in this directory, please fill out and return the questionnaire below. Much like the phone book yellow pages your business name, customer contact information and a brief summary of your services is all that is needed. HLWA is not an endorser of your product or service and any resulting business will be between you and your client.

While not a requirement, we would encourage you to also become a member of the association. Dues are $25.00 annually. The first $25 of contribution will be considered as membership dues and any additional donations above any beyond the annual dues will be tax deductible. As a member you will be welcome to attend any monthly meetings of interest and will receive periodic newsletters pertaining to lake area items of interest.

Your application and annual membership dues may be sent to:

Hayden Lake Watershed Association

PO Box 3583

Hayden, ID 83835

For a printable copy of the Watershed Services Application click here.