March 20th HLWA Board Meeting


Hayden Lake Watershed Association Board Meeting March 20, 2013 6:30 PM

Hayden Lake City Hall 9393 Strahorn Road Hayden Lake


Call To Order 6:30 PM

Review of Agenda and additions/deletions

Correspondence received – secretary

Review of Minutes of February 20, 2013 Board Meeting

Presentation from Members / Meeting Participants

Blue-green algae growth in Northern Arm: Influence of Nitrogen to Phosphorous (N:P) ratio and control by N:P ratio alteration  – Bob Steed

Monitoring and treatment control of blue-green algae – Darren Brandt

Officers/ Employees Reports

               Treasurer – Gloria

               Secretary – Chris

               Lake Manager – Todd

Old Business:

               High water boat wake ordinance – Ordinance change going to County Commission

                Hayden Lake Watershed Improvement District (HLWID) Report

                HLWAI Brochures – Chris

                Kootenai County ULUC Lake Setback 25 feet; 10 feet in some cases

New Business:

               New Officers

 Adjourn approximately 8 PM

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