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Chris Meyer

Chris is a Hayden Lake native, born and raised on English Point. He enjoyed swimming and fishing in Hayden Lake as a child and remembers it with clean, clear water and a lot less weeds! After spending some time in the Seattle area he returned in 2010 to raise his family in Coeur d’Alene and work as a commercial real estate developer and manager. He and his wife Sara and their sons Jameson and Jasper enjoy spending time at a family cabin on Cramps bay. Chris is proud to support the HLWA as their secretary and webmaster.


Larry O’Leary

Larry has been a full time resident of Hayden Lake for 10 years. He lives at the north end of the lake by Sportsman Park (Bob’s Bay). Larry was raised in Coeur d’Alene but pursued his professional career as a teacher/instructor in Seattle at Boeing. Upon retiring, Larry and his wife of 42 years moved to Hayden Lake which they chose as the perfect lake for their 1954 Chris Craft runabout.

Larry became interested in the Hayden Lake Watershed Association Inc. when he noticed an increasing deterioration of water quality, particularly the invasive weeds. The more he learned about the problem the more he realized that it will take the combined effort of the all the lake shore property owners and users of the lake working together make any impact on the problems facing our beautiful lake.

Larry feels strongly that if we choose to do nothing, the lake will die and we cannot let that happen. The HLWAI is THE organization that has the knowledge, contacts, oversight capability and vision that can affect positive change for our lake.

Robert (Bob) West

Bob is an 8 year resident of Hayden Lake and has been married for over 40 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren who all love the lake environment. Retired at 61, Bob served 6 years in the USMC Reserves, 2 years college, and 10 years as a contract administrator. The later duties included the management of numerous commercial and military contracts. Bob then spent 30 years in the printing industry and served in various assignments including sales, client consulting services, recruiting for the West Coast, hiring, training and district sales management. Bob is a former pilot and aircraft owner and his present interests revolve around boating, travel, skiing and grandchildren.

Barb Neal

Barb Neal is a 40 year resident of north Idaho and has lived on Hayden Lake for 10+ years. As a lifelong volunteer for various organizations, she feels privileged to sit on the board of the Hayden Lake Watershed Association, Inc. Barb feels the work that HLWAI does is extremely important. As an organization, she feels HLWAI must be a watchdog and insist on enforcement of current county, state and federal regulations, not only to maintain but improve water quality standards and protect against irresponsible development. Barb believes in education for property owners and projects that support the Hayden Lake Restoration Plan so that generations to come, may responsibly enjoy a healthy Hayden Lake.

Gloria Lund

She and her husband ‘Pat’ moved back to Spokane shortly after they were married in the late 1960’s. It was then that they bought the house they are now living in from the estate of Pat’s grandfather so they could spend their summers, with their children, on Hayden Lake. In the 1990’s they found themselves ‘empty nesters’ with not enough energy to keep up 2 homes. The Hayden Lake property was the more beautiful piece of land so it was not a hard choice to decide which house to keep. As the grandchildren came along it has been a wonderful place to have them spend the summers – thus their devotion to keeping Hayden Lake the pristine, beautiful lake that it is.


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