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2014 Invasive Species Update (milfoil)

On January 16th, 2014 Tom Woolf, Aquatic Program Manager for the Idaho Department of Lands came to the HLWA board meeting and gave a presentation on the 2013 invasive species control efforts and an outlook on what to expect in 2014. It’s a mix of good news and bad news with high efficacy rates from the 2013 milfoil treatment, but the discovery of a treatment-resistant hybrid milfoil in certain areas of the lake. Check out the whole presentation here:

2014 Hayden Lake Invasive Species Update

HLWA Board Meeting Agenda 1.15.14


Hayden Lake Watershed Association Board Meeting January 15, 2014 6:30 PM

Hayden Lake City Hall 9393 Strahorn Road Hayden Lake

Call To Order 6:30 PM

Review of Agenda and additions/deletions

Correspondence received – secretary

Review of Minutes of October 16, 2013 Board Meeting

Presentation from Members / Meeting Participants

Hayden lake Aquatic Weed Update – Tom Woolf, IDA

Officers/ Employees Reports

Treasurer –Gloria

Secretary – Chris

Lake Manager – Todd

President – Geoff

Old Business:

Letter to IDFG on trash collection at Sportsmen’s Access –sent no reply


Update on HLWID

Proposal for KCBOCC to meet with HLWAI Board on Spillway

Article for Hayden Lake Magazine – drafted

New Business:

President’s conflict of interest after election to HLWID Director/ Succession

Adjourn approximately 8 PM