Monthly Archives: October 2012

10.17.12 HLWA Board meeting agenda

Our next HLWA board meeting will take place on October 17th at 6:30pm at the Hayden Lake City Hall at 9393 Strahorn Road.

The agenda is as follows:

Call To Order 6:30 PM

Review of Agenda and additions/deletions

Correspondence received –secretary

Review of Minutes of September 19, 2012 Board Meeting

Presentation from Members / Meeting Participants

            Update on Watershed Improvement District organization.

Blue Green Algae in Hayden Lake ; An Alternative Method of Lake Monitoring – Darren Brandt

Officers/ Employees Reports

               Treasurer – Gloria

               Secretary – Chris

               Lake Manager – Todd

Old Business:

               High water boat wake ordinance – Research on specific level – Todd

                Clark ditch cleanup effort – follow up

                Feedback on letters to Kootenai Electric and IDFG

 New Business:

               Suspension of December meeting

 Adjourn approximately 8 PM